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In any business the most important consideration is customer satisfaction. This includes their needs, wants, approval and complaints. Being able to satisfy a customer means being successful. In the clothing industry, fashion is dictated by necessity and wants. However, you cannot always rely on fashion magazines and fashion reviews to know what your customers need. The secret lies within your business, your competitors and your market.Trends are dictated by the relationship among these three. The market dictates the supply and demand while you and your competitor try to balance it. Of course there are factors like your personal preferences but you should find a way to meet at the middle. Below are the top 3 most sought-after items in the online wholesale clothing industry. I hope you learn.1. Men Designer WearWhile there more women than men, this does not mean that women top our list. Men are very traditional in their choices of clothes. However, this is an opportunity rather than a disadvantage. By having a traditional template of clothing, designers have less dilemma in creating new designs. All they have to do is put new things on the template and voila a new faction is born. Though men have started experimenting on the way they look, the traditional jeans and shirt remain as the trend in the men fashion industry. It is a high-earner because you do not need a lot of designs to be able to sell. Because men have a few design templates to choose from, they are bound to buy a design even if they do not like it.2. Women FashionBig numbers translate to big income. Women tend to shop for large volumes so it is a given that women apparel sell big. Though it is our number two this list, women fashion remains as the most varied and most trendy. With a lot of designs to sell, it is your burden as a seller to choose what to sell. Because of this it is also a major challenge to earn more. The tastes of women differ a lot so you are not guaranteed that you can satisfy the preferences of all women. The name of the game in the women clothing industry is availability of the preferred design. Clearly, no drop shipper has all the designs for women customers.3. Apparel for KidsThe great equalizer between the previous two is kids apparel. Like men and women clothes, designs for kids remains the traditional way – Shirt, shorts and pants for boys while blouses and skirts for girls. It is the great equalizer because parents are 100% sure to buy clothes for their kids. Moreover, all human beings start off as kids. Your target market for kids clothes are kids of all ages. Now imagine how many billions are kids in the planet.